Artist certificate

In order to be licensed by the Artistic Practice Licensing Authoritiy you must agree to:

*Under exceptional circumstances the authority may accept 'talking about producing it a lot' or 'going to start it next week' as substitutes for this condition.


It appears there is no JavaScript available at the moment to generate the artist certificate. Maybe it is switched off, or maybe it's decided not to work for whatever reason. I guess sometimes a scripting language needs a break too.

But hey, we don't want to let you down, so here you have a blank certificate. Find a crafty way to copy this section of the page, print it and then write your name on the blank line. You're an artist after all, creativity comes natural to you.

If you are able to get JavaScript to work again, you will be able to generate this certificate with your name on it. And there will be a nice print button for you to click.

Artistic Practice Licensing Authority

"Because artists need to be certified"

This is to Certify that

having satisfied the most stringent requirements laid down by this authority is therefore a real, genuine, proper and licenced Artist.

Seal of the Artistic Practice Licensing Authority.


Sir Henry Furt (Chair)